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your frequently asked questions

Can I volunteer to be a model for one of your projects?

Yes! I am currently open to applications for more female models (18+ only) to feature within my future projects. If you are interested or would like to know more, then please contact me.

do you ship internationally?

Yes! Worldwide shipping is available and shipping costs are calculated accordingly.

does my artwork come framed?

No, artwork does not come frames unless specified within the listing.

How do I buy some artwork off your website?

If you're interested in a piece of artwork that doesn't have a 'buy' button (which'll send you through to my Etsy shop) then please contact me with your request.

How long will it take for my commission to arrive?

Paintings are completed and dispatched within around 2 weeks of being purchased, shipping times will then depend on which country they're being sent to. Tracking is providing on international orders to help estimate tracking more accurately.

not answered your question?

If your question hasn't be answered then please contact me so I can help!

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