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Exhibition by Local Nude Portrait Artist to challenge Instagram Body Perfect Culture!

Local artist, Antonia Jolley, is hosting her first solo exhibition ‘Every Body’ at The Trinity from 22nd – 24th October showcasing her incredible art which centres around all body types, and celebrates the human body in all its forms.

After graduating with a first class honours in Fine Art last year, Antonia Jolley has spent the last year painting the torso of over 120 models across the gender spectrum, to show how amazing and beautiful the human body is, in all it’s different shapes and sizes.

Antonia explained, “Growing up in the world of social media, my world was engulfed with apps, posts and notifications galore from the age of thirteen. My aim is to be the artist that my younger self needed to know about – someone that celebrates all body types and teaches people of all ages that their body is incredible.”

She goes on to explain, “I want the next generation to know that they don’t need to strive to look like that person on the magazine, to know that cellulite is real and normal, that stretch marks are present on most bodies, and moles and scars are a part of everyone.”

Every Body is a series of work centred around representing every body type. “We live in a world surrounded by Photoshopped adverts, magazines, Instagram posts, and edited highlight reels. This body of work is set to challenge the idea of perfection and empower, educate and appreciate every body, and prove that there is no beauty ‘standard’” explains Antonia.

Each painting comes alongside a real story: a description by the model themselves with thoughts on their body, and their journey to loving themselves more. Some pieces come with trigger warnings regarding mental health, sexual abuse, eating disorders and diseases such as cancer.

“I pray that we’re the last body-image-absorbed generation and that our future kids and grandkids feel free to love themselves.”

The Every Body exhibition is free, and runs from 22nd – 24th October at The Trinity on George Street, Burton on Trent. Ticket entry only on the Friday night, and open to everybody from 11am – 4pm on the Saturday and Sunday.

As well as showcasing over 120 nude paintings, there will also be interactive art installations throughout the exhibition, a life drawing workshop on the Saturday afternoon (tickets can be purchased by email), and a shop to buy originals and prints starting from £7.50.

The Trinity bar will be open for the duration serving drinks and refreshments.


For further information about Antonia Jolley and her work, please visit her website: or find her on Facebook and Instagram.


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